Communities Embark on Projects Utilizing CDBG-Infrastructure Funds

The towns of Garland and Maxton have recently begun construction on critical water and sewer infrastructure improvement projects funded by CDBG-Infrastructure grants, which were prepared by WR-Martin, formerly known as Martin-McGill.

The Town of Garland anticipates the replacement of approximately 11,000 LF of 12-inch gravity sewer interceptor, the replacement or rehabilitation of approximately 33 manholes, and the rehabilitation of an existing lift station, which were approximately 50 years old. Upon completion, this project is anticipated to enhance water quality and improve the standard of living within Garland.

The Town of Maxton will be replacing old, leaky pipes with new PVC and cement-lined DIP water mains to reduce the Town’s exorbitant water loss, with existing service lines that will be reconnected to the existing mains, and the existing mains abandoned in place upon completion of the project.

Additionally, the towns of Red Springs and Hoffman will soon break ground on CDBG-Infrastructure projects to benefit residents in low-to-moderate-income areas.

The Town of Red Springs will embark on a sanitary sewer system rehabilitation initiative utilizing a CDBG grant with which WR-Martin assisted, worth $2,025,000.

WR-Martin prepared the CDBG grant application and is currently administering the grant for the Town of Hoffman’s Phase I Sewer Improvements project, which will extend sewer service to residents in the northeastern portion of Hoffman.

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