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“Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: energetic, creative, efficient, and reliable. Our experienced and well-rounded team brings diverse skill sets who can produce results for your organization.”

Jessica Martin-Lane

Jessica Martin-Lane
Principal / President
PHONE :: 828.255.0313 ext. 109

Jessica Martin-Lane is a highly motivated influential leader with nearly 20 years of experience in strategic planning, program/project management, efficiency/optimization, sourcing/procurement, marketing and leadership in both the private and public sector. She is a strategic thinker who focuses on developing and delivering solutions for her clients that produce impactful results. Throughout her career, she has served as a strategic advisor and a key member of leadership teams for some of the most highly successful and innovative individuals and organizations. She has a reputation for possessing the ability to organize, lead and execute, especially in challenging situations. Her proven accomplishments include planning and executing large scale projects within budget and schedule, consensus building, managing executive relationships and expectations, and achieving project results.

Dennie Martin
PHONE :: 828.255.0313 ext. 113

Dennie Martin possesses more than 45 years of experience with planning, financing, and examining the feasibility of large capital projects for local and state government. Much of his experience has been in support of economic development and water and wastewater enterprise funds and has involved assessing financial feasibility, determining the financial impact of planned capital or operational events, serving in the role of facilitator for key financial processes, or soliciting funding solutions for major capital investments. His expertise and experience extends to planning and economic development programs and projects, community development, financial modeling for local government enterprise funds and general funds. He is well versed in current rate making methodologies for water and wastewater, solid waste, gas systems, impact and cost recovery fees. Mr. Martin is well-known across North Carolina as a strong advocate for local government and an asset for planning processes that require innovative financial, funding and public involvement solutions.

Bill Cowan
PHONE :: 919.770.0527

Bill Cowan is an energetic and innovative leader and coach with extensive experience in planning and directing all facets of work associated with government management. He possesses a vast amount of knowledge about local and state government and has served in various public administration roles for more than 32 years. Bill’s knowledge and expertise are invaluable to our public clients. Furthermore, he has a strong background in finance, planning, parks and recreation, as well as the ability to interact positively with a wide variety of officials, staff and public. Through his involvement with local government, he has assisted many North Carolina clients with successfully executing important infrastructure improvement projects.

Freddie Harrill
Partnership / Relationship Manager
PHONE :: 704.472.1514

Freddie Harrill has more than 25 years of senior-level experience in the public and private sectors. His experience has provided him with a broad and long-standing professional network, strong managerial skills, and the ability to complete multiple tasks in demanding work environments.

Mr. Harrill’s previous experience as the Western Regional Liaison for a former United State Senator has allowed him to meet and interact with community members from diverse walks of life. He has significant experience in managing state and local government affairs and interacting with the general public. That experience, coupled with his previous roles in the environmental sector, allow him to facilitate public sessions, moderate questions, and serve a vital link between government officials and the public.

Jessie Parris
Finance Manager
PHONE :: 828.255.0313

Ms. Parris assists local governments with a wide range of strategic financial projects that involve analysis, forecasting, budgeting, rate modeling, and feasibility studies. Her background in responsible municipal fiscal management provides critical insight into government financial functions, enabling clients to better understand and address key concerns and challenges.

Catherine Renbarger
Funding Manager
PHONE :: (252) 903-7276

Ms. Renbarger assists local governments with myriad strategic consulting initiatives as well as grant/loan-related projects. Her background in municipal and county administration enables her to bring critical insight and real-world solutions to challenging client problems.

Mike Morgan
Local Government Consultant
PHONE :: 828.255.0313

With nearly 40 years of experience in local government management and public administration, Mr. Morgan is skilled in local government management, grant writing, financial management, strategic planning and policy development, and serving both partisan and non-partisan elected officials at the state and local level. More recently, he has served as interim manager for municipalities that are in between the hiring of a permanent manager and has served as an adjunct professor at Western Carolina University – Masters of Public Affairs Program, instructing graduate-level classes in “Public Finance” and “Local Government Management.”
Some of his major accomplishments while serving in local government management roles include overseeing the funding, design and development of a $1.7 million Municipal Facility and Police Department, and a $4.0 million Municipal Fire Station; the funding and construction of a $6.2 million water treatment plant; the funding and construction of a $1.2 million Public Works Facility. He is highly adept at navigating the public administration process.

W.T. Sorrell
Account Manager / Government Relations
PHONE :: 828.234.1111

W.T. Sorrell has almost 42 years working for the USDA-Rural Development in North Carolina and was involved in all areas of the USDA’s loan and grant program. Much of his focus centered on developing funding solutions for and financing critical water and sewer infrastructure projects for municipalities and non-profit corporations. He also managed agency programs, maintained relationships with Congressional and administrative staff, administered budget control, implementing management plans for the state. He is well networked in North Carolina and a highly valued and respected member of the team who is dedicated to the progress of North Carolina communities.

Lena Richards
Marketing Manager
PHONE :: 828.255.0313 ext. 115

Lena Richards has more than 12 years of project management and leadership experience in marketing and public relations, including proposal development and writing, website messaging and content; communication and advertising campaigns; social media strategies; vendor and partnership relationship building; and presentations to support efforts for our clients. Her experience as a former editor in the news industry gives her the ability to juggle multiple tasks in a deadline-driven, fast-paced environment. She has a strong eye for detail and enjoys working with our clients to develop successful strategies for branding, marketing, and communications.

Bri Labbate
Marketing Specialist

Fueled with a public relations mindset, Bri Labbate offers a variety of marketing skills such as graphic design, writing, social media strategies, and event planning. Her past experience includes managing several client social media accounts, creating advertisements for magazines, and developing branding packages. Bri respects deadlines and puts the clients’ needs as top priority. In addition, she brings fresh ideas and creative solutions to the Martin-McGill team.

PHONE :: 828.255.0313 ext. 155

Alice Briggs
Senior Manager
PHONE :: 828.255.0313 ext. 153

Alice Briggs is a highly motivated and results driven team member who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, grant/loan writing and administration, and economic and community development. Having previously worked for a Chamber of Commerce where she focused on economic development endeavors, Alice understands the critical role economic development and tourism play in a community’s health, as well as their role in business growth, retention, and job creation. Through her years of experience, she has developed a stellar skillset in project management and effective communication, and she works closely with our clients to develop economic development, funding (grant and loan), and tourism marketing strategies.

Hoyt Hackney
Director of Supply Chain and Procurement

Hoyt Hackney has over 20 years of experience in procurement and finance operations, supply chain and operations planning and management. He has held multiple leadership positions in both industry and consulting spheres, giving him a holistic perspective on the needs of procurement, finance operations and supply chain management. His areas of expertise include strategic procurement and back office finance – organizational design, functional design, and tools (technology) and process implementation, sourcing, supply chain management, operations management, strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting, and performance management. His procurement experience includes eProcurement, eRFX, Spend Visibility and payment tool implementations. Total sourcing directly and under management exceeds $3.25 billion and $350,000,000 in cost reductions and avoidance.